British Standards Approved Roofing

Setting the Standard For Roofing

ERS Scotland are proud to to present our roofing services in accordance with British Standard Code BS 5534.

Our Dedicated use of Marley Eternit products on our pitched roofing projects insure that all of our roofing jobs match this standard, giving you peace of mind for years to come.

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Our Roofing Products

11mm OSB Boarding

11mm OSB Boarding is the perfect base for your new roof. The oriented strands give these boards tensile strength in all directions while allowing us to nail closer to the edge of the board without splitting it, giving us a better seal on your new roof.

Vapour Permeable Underlay

There are many underlays that have been used on roofing structures over the years but there are none better than the vapour permeable underlay. It's ingenious design allows air and moisture to pass through from the inside out, allowing your roof to breath and maintain thermo-regulation but the same air and moisture can't pass back, making sure you never have a leak!

Accredited Roofing Battens

Specially treated and manufactured roofing battens are one of the most integral parts of your new roof, as these are what hold the roof covering in place. ​

Our roofing battens are all manufactured to BS 5534 specifications and are specifically treated to resist rot and insect attacks.

Marley Eternit Tiles & Dry Ridge System

The Marley Dry Ridge system is a mechanically fitted ridge that aids breathability to your home while binding all of your ridge tiles together. This means you'll never lose a ridge tile again.